Want to go to Spain V

“We land at Alicante Airport and quickly think about transportation to our destination, Marbella.  Marbella turns out to be a fantastic Mediterranean vacation spot of the most cosmopolitan nature.  We pass a home of a Mid-Easterner (we are told) that was built to be an exact replica of the  U. S.  White House.  Never mind,  each inch of the drive is filled with top-notch residences which are not more than a stone’s throw from the Mediterranean Sea.  Some of these homes belong to Kings (we are told).  As we enter our digs we are surrounded by marble and tall ceilings.   We notice that day light is fading and somehow Susan finds a bottle of Champagne to carry out to the promenade hugging the water’s edge.  We carry the Champagne along with glasses and sip in the moonlight as we stroll.  And why not?  It is mother’s sixty-fifth birthday.   It is my very happy birthday night in  the moonlight along a wide pathway in, Spain (thank you very much).

We awaken to a golden day that Susan has chosen to use finding a Realtor to show some vacation properties for her little family as a get-away.  This plan is fortuitous since we receive a fine tour of Marbella.   We later walk the promenade in the light of day.   It takes us an  hour to complete the walk.  Along the way we see children playing and elderly folks relaxing on the benches.   It is pleasant to observe how very well-groomed everyone is.     But say… we see  Sangria stands along the way selling pitchers  of this pleasant libation.   Yes, we secure a pitcher.

Hearty hunger presents yet another luncheon experience and by now this mother is not disappointed.  Indeed I have come to expect–you know–experiences.   We order water with gas (as they call it) which is very expensive and in a rather large bottle.  As we finish our lunch,  I see Susan’s hand  shoot out and grasp the water bottle at the very instant as the waiter’s large hand reaches the bottle.  They are locked in a frozen piece of time.  In awe I wonder– would she give up the bottle of water?   Would the waiter give up the partly used expensive bottle of water ?  Of course, the waiter caves  but has the look of a man who has given up his first-born.  Susan pays the check and we  leave the waiter in his pitiful state to sort things out for himself as we carry the almost full bottle of water back to our elegant apartment.   …Shamelessly, I might add.

Tomorrow:  Barcelona

mosswood  May 2013


~ by mosswood on May 5, 2013.

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