You might have guessed that we are still in Portugal.    We truly are off to Spain but we linger to  savour the thousands of years of treasures here  all of which, Noono wishes to show us.  First we stop by a most important  Cathedral now used as a show place for tourists and sometimes concerts.   In truth is– it is an example of old world architecture that was built to last in 1245,  just so as many ancient church structures  in Europe.  Proof?   They still stand solidly.   [Reminds me of  a fact (how often can one say that)  there is a church in Paris that has more stained glass than hard structure and yet not one sliver of glass has never shifted.]

Now back to the present– of sorts.    This Cathedral in Portugal  is called, Sao Francisco and  drives us back in time as we view the catacombs of this edifice.  The following scene  one we do not forget:    There is a grate from which we look down on  the human bones of church enemies which are strewn in piles.  Of course there is an imposing number of the well coffined important church personages of that time present in this cathedral.   Well, you can let your head  stay here and wax theological or come with us to cheerier site.  Come on!   Let’s go!

Santa Catarina is a fishing village with small quaint row houses where we see hundreds of  men milling about by the water-front working with their nets and generally readying for the next might’s fishing.  In a breath of time we find ourselves in the Port Wine region of Alto Doura Province.  A familiar site since we have for some time had an interest in fine wine and had visited many wineries in the States.  A little like going home.  Ah!  but the home of Port Wine is like no other.  The tasting is a  triumph.   Silly women.  We purchase so much wine that we  give it away along the way.  All worth it because outside we find ourselves casting our gaze upward- to see a bridge that was designed by,Eiffel  –yup–that very Eiffel.

Between business, Steve is able to meet us at a small Bistro for lunch.  Now traveling with Susan is always an adventure unto itself.  Shortly after walking past the square where–THE LION KILLED THE EAGLE–that is what is is called.  We wander on until Susan with camera in hand spots an elegant fenced in burial court.  Everything about it said, “stay out” but not our Susan.  In she goes while she scornfully motions for me to come along.  She is brave and has her very fine camera.  I am tentative and watching the scene around me which bespeak affluent private persons visiting their wealthy dead.   Well, pretty soon a uniformed fellow approaches the camera behind which is beautiful, Susan.  The uniformed fellow stiffened his back and bowed slightly and with a tip of the hat told the camera welding beautiful lady  firmly that she had to leave.  She smiles.  He smiles.   We leave.  One of us embarrassed.  One of us happy with successful film in hand.

That night. Steve explains how to get to, The Alpha Express Train to Lisbon.    But we are hungry so we have a succulent meal with Steve  and set out the next morning for Lisbon.  The Alpha Express crosses over the Tagus River by way of the Eiffel Bridge .  We reluctantly leave the reserved and delightful people of, Porto behind.  Many hours later and after passing through miles of vineyards,  farmland , and olive grooves we are in Lisbon– pronounced Lisboa once here.

The Sumptuous Hotel, Da Lapa is our new home in the heart of the embassy district.   As we excitedly run out to the elegant balcony, we look down upon flawlessly tended garden paths, pool and fountains.  We  lift our gaze to see the wide expanse of the river.  We rest on the sumptuous beds, bathe in  each her own bathroom.   Now it is time to decide about dinner where once again, Susan manages to create a whimsical stir in the hotel dining room– with a little help from her, Mom.

See you tomorrow!

mosswood 4/3013


~ by mosswood on April 30, 2013.

One Response to “WANT TO GO TO SPAIN? part III”

  1. Well represented, this brought back many memories many of which I’d forgotten. You must have taken copious notes to recall a trip from many years ago in such delightful detail. That, or you have a steel trap memory. One day, when I have time for my own photos, I’ll have to scan the photos from said trip and send them to you on a disc.

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