The green and lush fields  reach up to meet our gaze as we fly over Portugal in that flying refrigerator.  The beauty of the land below is a forever memory.  Curious that this small country, whether endowed or fostered, maintains such a rich landscape.  Now,  this is mentioned in contrast to its contiguous neighbor, Spain which land looks like a dessert may be in slow formation.

Our luggage decides to go off on its own and catches up with us late the next day.   Never mind,  Steven and G. Victoria were at the airport to welcome us to, Porto.  The drive back to their apartment  is designed to give us an orientation to Porto.   My sudden white knuckles warn me that the traffic in Porto is on fast forward.  The vehicular system appears to be like hyper-active bugs darting  about in breathtaking proximity that can only be described as a continuous miracle.

Finally we arrive at the hotel where we find our rooms on the sixth floor, affording a generous night view of the city that is a luminous garden of lights.    Settled, we set out for dinner with our hosts.  Dinner comes late.  We drive to the Fox end of town, park and walk up a steep, narrow cobblestone street to find a charming restaurant that was at one time a residence.  This restaurant on this tiny street has sterling white tablecloths and is adorned with flowers and candles.  Probably a very fine cuisine…..but they are not able to accommodate us.  Disappointed but not deterred, Steven then finds another restaurant on another narrow cobblestone street that is somewhat larger.  As we dine , we are surrounded by tall ceilings and dark walls that only make the white linen table clothes seem brighter and more inviting.  I learned a few things that night about dining out of country.  Ah hem!  One never partakes of the little dishes filled with creams and  other condiments unless one is prepared to pay extra.  Did not need them anyway because the food was so outrageously good.  Another outstanding image melted into my brain:  Most of the tables were filled with men.  The women stayed at home (I suppose) but I must say this was back in 1997.  I dare say the world has changed in “most” places since then.

We ended the evening with Susan and G Victoria– jumping up and down on the beds like kids.  Steve and I catch up on recent history.  This is a happy moment.  We crawl into those beds and used them for the reason they were intended.  Sweet, sweet sleep to arise to a view of a splendid old world garden perfectly kept and watched over by a spreading palm tree of sorts under which was a graceful bench.  A few ancient Portuguese homes surround this garden.  These homes are beautifully crafted with tall windows and tiled roofs along with tiara like sky lights of stained or frosted leaded glass. Our family members  will trip off to work while Susan and I [trip a light fantastic] to see as much of Portugal as we can.  Susan hires a guide whose name is , Noono.

See you tomorrow.

mosswood 4/29/13


~ by mosswood on April 29, 2013.

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