Want to go to Spain?

So  come on– go with me  as I recount this adventure.  There we are on  Sunday 18 January 1997,  2:15 PM –  This snowy winter day the limo arrived promptly at Susan’s home on Iris Lane.  With final kisses and jugs we rushed off to the International Terminal so as not to miss the flight.

” We are so sorry to tell you that there is an ice storm in, Frankfurt.”  ” Your flight will not leave until 6″00 PM.”    Susan  reasoned that  time might be better spent touring the duty-free stores for some last minute items,  and for the famous Fanny Mae chocolate store.  Followed by a  rye comment by Susan that Gate B17 at O’Hare might be our home for some time.  …not without some entertainment, however.

Right in front of our eyes sat a man reading a Romance Novel the title of which was, The Name of a Flower.    We are speechless.  Dear man  is an eating machine–consuming large fries, monster cheese burger and tall beverage.   He saunters once again over to the food counter about fifty feet way returning with three candy bars and a package of cookies.

Smugly, we  begin to stuff ourselves silly with the Fanny Mae Chocolates.  As we followed the call to board the plane,  we had consumed more chocolate than that fellow just mentioned could ever dream.   Freely  acknowledging our chocolate indulgence and our judgmental attitudes,  we board Lufthansa for the first leg of the trip:  Frankfurt Airport.  Lufthansa provided a dream flight across the Atlantic.  Service is excellent.  Meals are  tasty and relaxing hot towels a real bonus.  To our surprise organized and  strongly suggested exercise.  Long flight and a good idea.

Upon arrival it is obvious that the Frankfurt Airport is dealing with the rerouting of many flights.  Not surprising, we miss our flight to Portugal (a stop along the way).  What a study in contrast leaving the giant comfortable Lufthansa to board an archaic 737 where a smartly uniformed but rotund (and no joke) imperious flight attendant walked up and down the aisle instructing us  as we froze on this frigid and drafty aircraft.  We leave this plane safely in Portugal with mirthful memories.


to be con’t by mosswood 4/28/13


~ by mosswood on April 28, 2013.

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