Another Art Form

Art is a very special skill.  While all of us will not be great artists,  all of us can develop a level of skill that will produce significant  personal results. May I surprise you by suggesting that being alone is the singular place that a particular art form can take place.  The discovery and development in question is a skill as in any other that can produce fine results. This art form does not come without overcoming the fear inherent in facing down a seeming vacuum.

Here is the Art of it:  Inviting a broader vision into our alone[ness], we might move toward a brighter place of being.  Starting with a reality that being thrust willingly or unwillingly into alone[ness] presents us with an opportunity for much internal self clarification.  How lucky is that (?)  We are forced to to examine and ponder our range of thoughts and habits.  This inner house cleaning presents the opportunity to keep what has value and discard what is of no use  or value.  This is truly a –get a grip–time.  It is a time that is a favor from the Universe.  One can bundle safely one’s most precious memories and evict (not easy) hurtful and non productive memories.

It is a time we can choose to accept our latent inner qualities and use them to push back against a piece of life that is testing us sorely.  Movement, action, and positive thought projections into our tomorrows, is the soft cloak of energy to begin the art form of designing who we are at any given moment.

Did I share with you something you did not know?  No, for I have seen many take up this art form with great success.


mosswood 2011


~ by mosswood on April 22, 2013.

One Response to “Another Art Form”

  1. Just re-read this. You have a way of saying things in the most profoundly beautiful way. I’ll continue reading and re-reading this one. It is a very good reminder during alone times.

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