The Visitor

The visitor comes and goes, in a very gentle way.  The first time  the visitor came there was a sense that a soft  but non invasive cloud touched every cell .  I felt very tired.  For me, unnaturally tired. I hardly knew that the visitor was taking up a long term residence in my being.

It took me a stupidly long time to realize that  I was not paying appropriate attention to this visitor.  This visitor was gently communicating with me.  Yes, I said this  visitor is talking to me.  Not a conversation as we know it but a presence –here –and –then there- in my body  that is significant and strangely periodic in chance locations.  The truth is that doctors don’t favor things they do no understand and MCL is one of those things.  So I have decided to be friendly to my guest whom I call,  Lymphy.

It is beautiful, actually to have a long conversation with one’s own body.  It seems a new way for Spirit to speak.  So I have freely become the host for this guest.  The guest is here to stay and I am quite at peace with my visitor.

mosswood 2013


~ by mosswood on April 21, 2013.

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