Created – March 10 1982

A breath ago an aching blow was rendered by an insensitive fellow.  The income- tax was nagging to be dealt with.  The innocent needs of young persons were waiting to be met.  Oh! yes, the outrageous future was waiting to be claimed.

Uninvited but welcome, an ambience which fostered respite took hold.  It doesn’t matter how the woman came to be propped up against this strong tree.  It does, however, matter that this supporting tree seems to direct the obliging rays of the sun to share its broken bits of warmth.  It does also matter that the supporting tree is in close proximity to the river.

These triune of symbols through benign charity, facilitate the detachment of the encumbrances of the soul.  The liberation of the inner spirit dances into focus  revealing all the strengths of the woman,  strengths as strong as the tree on which she leaned.

Repressed and potential gifts  bubble to the surface.  The river reminds in whispers:  that it is moving behind in history but it moves with me.  That which is seen flowing in front  is the affirmation of the present and still it moves with me.  That river rushing toward me is the promise of tomorrow and it moves with me.

A broken branch falling,  signals the end of the respite.  As the river must move on so must the reverie be left behind.  The Triune symbols of strength, warmth, and movement -leaves with the woman the courage to face the outrageous future.  The river  moves with me.



~ by mosswood on April 21, 2013.

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