The Civility War

The civility war is upon us.  Many– too many of our political leaders are using language where tact has been replaced by shrill blaming.  A pithy style has been replaced by unimaginative rebukes.  Wounding shots across the bow are cheap replacements for a clever diplomatic style.  Can we not as a society reclaim the vast number of words and styles in our overflowing word arsenal, in order to  influence the conversation and garner allies in a more congenial and collaborative way.

As it is now, Verbal Philistines plunder through our public conversational fields, obliterating gems of insight and most of all killing moments that will never return.  We are a great Nation with a noble history and we deserve better than the, “My dad’s bigger than your dad” style of  “my Party is better than your Party”.

We The People,  deserve two strong parties filled with Statesmen(women).   When the blame stops and reality sets in and when the casualties of this Civility War are counted, perhaps will start again to reflect and express in a manner worthy of our History as a Nation. Perhaps we can then tackle the amazing future that is ours for the taking.

This might be the moment when we must decide whether we must flee the offending syntax or brace our souls for the long term of language assault.  This could be an opportunity for a  proactive journey of understanding and human dignity.

Language reflects where we are in civil society.  Let us reflect well.

mosswood  September 2013


~ by mosswood on March 8, 2013.

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