A Glimps is Not a Lifetime

It seems as if  most  humans limit selves  by relying on the mere  memory of others as we last perceived them.    That perception could be years or that perception could be yesterday.  Self meets other(s) and the tendency is to convince self that what is in front of us “is” the whole of the other.  Time marches on at a great rate and dimensions are breath taking.   Individuals,  adults and children alike,  twirl, each in his own sphere of  hurts,  joys– oh! let’s just say challenges and successes of all kinds about which we have no knowledge.

So in-spite of our amazing intelligence  (yes,  we all have an amazing intelligence) that would tell us otherwise, we most often take the easy way which is like a magnetic pull  of remembering the inadequate mental snap shot last seen.   True,  persons can get stalled and as we all know:  we either progress or regress.   But there is no standing still.  It is some kind of natural law.

Knowing this, we often  see each other or the  11 year old (for example) as we knew him or her when last we met.   Heaven forbid that we allow our leaders, our youth or simply  the other guy the compliment of allowing for his place in time.   Actually,  each of us  is a miracle and a mystery  sharing the planet while we are in the act of becoming.



~ by mosswood on December 9, 2012.

5 Responses to “A Glimps is Not a Lifetime”

  1. Well said. That may even go for how we remember ourselves. fs

  2. How wonderfully thought provoking.

  3. Love this.

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