It Has Been Said

It Has Been Said- there is nothing new under the Sun.   What makes us think that there is anything one can write which has not  been said.   Good reasons.    Let’s give it a go.

Quintillius, 35 A.D.  (Roman Rhetoric Teacher) is believed to have said,  “Good rhetoric is a good man speaking well”.   Let’s pretend he said women too.   There must be an unknown and untold goodness in writers in the general.  Why else would they subject themselves to such a solitary endeavor.   How do we explain one who works so hard with so little promise of reward.  Reward, of course comes in some measure even if  it is the simple satisfaction in having made an idea appear on the saintly purity of an otherwise empty page.

I suspect a strong reason for more words put to paper is supply and demand.  The demand of multitudes with outstretched  arms waiting for answers, illumination,  entertainment , knowledge , validation, comfort or diversion.  This demand is met by a cadre in  society called writers who are willing to toss out their vision of life to meet the supply of our  literary  demand.

Having the talent and skill to enervate mere words into lively ideas that interest, enliven or satisfy the reader is no small feat.  Not many writers climb to the top of the success Pyramid.   With no earthly good reason, I covet the published writer’s success;  but I also bow deeply to the published writer’s  success.

Think of this:   we are all part of the exchange process of writing and reading.    How exciting is that?   Look folks!  we are all part of that huge process.  Even though there is nothing new under the Sun, we may have not heard it all.  We may have missed a falling star.   We need for writers to keep on scribing thoughts  in a new and unique way.  We cannot catch all the falling stars in a life time.   Since we are all part of this process, we need to celebrate  the new constructs of  all those writers out there.

It  Has  Been  Said but so what,   please say it again so that we can catch your falling stars.



~ by mosswood on October 3, 2012.

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