Here Comes the Bride, Trilogy

So we put on our best togs.  Get to destination ‘ wedding’ and are seated.  We wait …and finally the grand music begins and we all turn to see the bride float down the aisle followed by lovely colored gowns inhabited by friends of the bride.   Well all of that is true but oh! so much more.  A trilogy of wedding ceremonies that are so laudable that I must share or remind you of these events.  One was exactly one year ago in the Pittsburgh area.  The other two were right here in Lancaster County,  PA very recently.

Trilogy one-  As the car made its way up the high hill one began to see the simple church sitting atop that hill.  Surely this was not real.  It must be a film that we walked into that bespeaks trumpeting silence.  Into that church we easily mixed with whomever stood beside us or walked past.  …Hugs here and there.  This piece of the trilogy is about a bride and groom who (don’t know the moment or the time) took measure of who they were and what they believed and designed a wedding that expressed exactly that.   The guest list was carefully built upon the linchpin of persons in their lives.  Now there were many, many more persons whom they loved and laughed with, but this wedding list was as simple as the church on the hill and the style of the bride’s dress and and her attendants.  The Wedding was followed by a reception at which there was no tiered wedding cake (by choice).  The  groom (representing the bride) stood up in front of the wedding guests and said, ” I want you to know that everyone in this room is here because we love you.”  That embracing gift back to the guests was as lovingly pure as their request early on to send a contribution to,  Heifer, International,  rather than gifts to themselves.  This is not a wealthy (not yet) couple. This is a giving couple.

Trilogy two-  The Firefighters’ wedding memories still evokes a warm smile.   The bride bedecked in a flowing bridal gown had underneath on her bride’s feet,  cowboy boots.  Who knew?  As the bride traveled down the aisle, there was a single piano note (as in one finger) playing the Bridle March.  Music so splendid in its simplicity, it made the heart soar.  Prior to this it must be noted that the  bride and groom are both Firefighters as is the father in law and all the grooms men.   The bride was transported to the church in a huge Fire Truck.  There is more to tell about the Firefighter’s Wedding.  The bride astutely listened to a story told to her by an old Firefighter and acted upon an old custom seldom used.  It is called the Firefighting ‘Axe and  Haligan Bar’.  When these two tools are crossed at top and held aloft by smartly uniformed men– bride and groom walk under these tools to represent walking towards the commitment of marriage.  As the bride and groom leave the church, they once again walk beneath the Haligan symbols to mark the commitment that has just been made in ceremony.  The local Firehouse sounded the siren to celebrate the moment that the bride and groom said “I do” to each other– and the commitment that the Firefighter’s have to each other and to the community.

Trilogy three-  There is a change of pace for the third wedding in this trilogy.   The surroundings were pastoral and at a B&B set back from the world.  After intruding in the room where the bride and attendants and a certain Lilli were making ready for the moment of moments, we walked out to the expansive patio to gaze upon what seemed like acres of  rich  green grass.  In the distance one could see a small stream over which was a white curved walking bridge that took guests to the rising hill  where wooden benches  were spread many varied colored  scarfs on which to sit.  Two handsome twin brothers in Tux -extended arms to take us over the bridge and up an incline where we saw and heard the gurgle of the water falls sauntering down from the high place where bride and  groom speak their vows to each other, solemnized by the very Minister who had Baptized the bride.  Many pictures.  Many happy exchanges…  Many tears…  Much laughter followed by many toasts, much good food and the liveliest dance floor ever seen by this writer.  This was pure happiness.  However, I sometimes wonder how many people actually look at the program in this case totally designed by the bride and groom.  The cover page shows bride and groom in an easy embrace next a hot-air balloon about to take off.  No pun intended but I would say that is uplifting.  The next two pages had the necessaries of who and what.  Pages three and four  is from the Tree Hugger- K- who gave us each something to pick from the tree.   Page five  is a deeply thoughtful, old English   piece in the voice of a Ronin ( a Ronin in Japanese lore  is a soldier who is no longer a part of his former army).   Their love story is told with literary skill and unabashed frankness by the groom.  Page six  expresses a highly complimentary “thank you” to we the guests reminding us that we the guests were  the chosen ones to be there to witness and celebrate.

All three of these weddings were special in their own way and highly authentic and original.  There is a lingering picture that remains.  In each of these weddings, the men who were groomsmen were outstandingly present and strong in numbers.  This piece is titled, Here Comes the Bride.  The bride’s and the bride’s attendance all were magnificent and a vision never to be forgotten.  But this writer will never forget the number of groomsmen and their palpable loyalty to the grooms.


re: Trilogy Three–A little bird told me that the mother of the bride– every day goes into the bedroom where the bridal gown is spread out in all its glory and just looks at it with a warm and loving  heart.

re: Trilogy Two–The Halligan Bar (often spelled Haligan)  and a flat head axe can be joined together, partially interlocked, head to toe, to form what is known as a marriage set.  Thus some thoughtful firefighters use this as a symbol upon entering marriage.  The bride -a firefighter- of trilogy two was one of the thoughtful ones.  Haligan Bar was invented by, Hugh Halligan in 1948.

re: Trilogy One–This bride and groom became parents on the day of their first Anniversary of their marriage on the hilltop.  Congratulations to M and A who are now three with, SLK.


~ by mosswood on September 20, 2012.

8 Responses to “Here Comes the Bride, Trilogy”

  1. Very well told. So much so, that one didn’t need to be there to experience their essence. Actually the contrary. The description(s) evoke a sense of wanting to have lived those precious events, now rich memories.

  2. Thanks for the experience.

  3. I can speak to 2 of the weddings, they were wonderful. The third, wonderful through your eyes. Thank you!

  4. Individuals see life’s events through their own prisms. Would be smashing to gather all the pleasant views.

  5. Moss, I loved this one on the weddings – it was so beautiful. I wrote a comment before on this one and I don’t see it here so I must have done someting wrong.

  6. Beth, Your comments are so appreciated.

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