Outside the Social Network

Sometimes I ponder what it is I am missing not being inside the digital social network (is that capitalized? since it may have matured into a proper place grammatically)  Believe me that is a huge step in the progression of mankind. Not funny.  “Language is the measure of civilization” she said pompously.

I will not go to that Universe called social network because at my age it is difficult to absorb the actual happenings in a given day.  So my intent now is to record the snippets either subtle or glaring of an average day.  Ha!  There are no average days.  All days are remarkable– simply because they are.

Charlie Rose is blaring on the TV because I always want to hear his intelligently reassuring voice either at noon or midnight. In addition to his demeanor vocal and  physical form, this Charlie brings the vibrant happenings of the World into my studio. 

As I turn my head over my shoulder, I see the keyboard that I belittle because it is not a real piano.  It blushes but non-the-less produces the notes necessary to make music even from fumbling fingers and blurry  eyes.  I made a discovery about that keyboard.  If you use the correct formula and punch the right keys,  that much maligned instrument will present me with fifty classical piano songs from Bach to Debussy.  Now that is an acceptable discovery for one day.

I left my discovery  and Charlie Rose to play Bridge this afternoon.   Sorry that game was so difficult to learn that I will forever capitalize the word Bridge.   I find that Bridge is like  sports or any endeavor, it  needs to have present the right chemistry .  If one played in a  correct robotic style with other robotically correct persons it would be a bore.   Viva la chemistry where there is chance taking based on reasonable risk.

Music, Charlie Rose, Bridge and a DVD of  La Ballets Trockadero and talking to you.    What a marvelous day.

mosswood   August 10,2012


~ by mosswood on August 10, 2012.

2 Responses to “Outside the Social Network”

  1. Does your keyboard really play 50 classical pieces all by itself?

  2. Tis true but tis broken!

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