Courage (an older piece)

(This piece is not intended for imminent challenges.  It is rather  an approach in the general to life.)

Being strong or gentle cannot occur authentically without courage.  Without it one cannot-through a true act of the will-do good.  Make no mistake, there are those who may appear to have courage but are actually cruel.   Cruelty is merely courage gone wrong.  Conversely, there are those who may appear to be weak but are practicing an inner strength that may be frightening to those who need their own sense of courage fortified by show of strength from others.  How and when we express our courage is our choice.

Proper measure of give and take is the mark of an evolving person.  Courage is our intake and output valve and it needs constant maintenance.  Some call this maintenance a spiritual exercise. Some  call this maintenance good mental health practices.  Nevertheless, it is from courage that we glean the ability to draw boundaries and boundaries keep us from being wounded too often.  Without boundaries we tend to let too much in and give too much out.  The sentient tie with others sometimes needs a protective casing.  It is no small feat to keep a balance between owning strength and caving to weakness.  Excesses in either direction take take us far from the nobility of self.

Why speak of courage if we do not consider appropriate risks?  If we avoid risks too often, it is possible that we are in danger of staying in a self absorbed place.  If, however, we allow ourselves reasonable risks, we then just might experience the good fortune of coming face-to-face with our inner reflection.  Even if the expected outcome is other  than the way we expected, the experience allows us the opportunity to  both validate our strengths and brush away that which is of no use to self or to others.  It is then that we begin anew the energizing process of living life armed with courage and buoyed by clarity.

Yes, life presents us with resistance, and sometimes even attacks from others.  There are always forces for us and forces against us.  The forces for us are represented by both our inner reconciliation and/or our friends and supporters  Some forces against us are life’s appropriate challenges and sadly, the intent of those whose courage has gone wrong.  Often we either do not know, or we forget that we have the ability and the right to create our own world within a range of choices.  But we create our worlds by decision or default.  If we have nurtured our character foundation, then always waiting in the wings is this thing called courage to propel us toward dynamic dimensions and infinite wonder.

Copyright    Mosswood  1990


~ by mosswood on July 25, 2012.

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