Strident Weeds

Strident weeds in my garden grate.

Strong and silent there paths do make.

Prolific wanderers strangle my garden.

I’ll grant not even a hint of pardon.

I cull without mercy and  then I see,

The Universe teaches in patterns ‘ennui.

The psyche attracts distress each day.

Each day I work to weed them away.

I know no lesson should ever be wasted,

Thank you, Spirit, for what I have tasted.

New energy now to pull weeds strident.

My soul finally quiet and the ‘self’ reliant.

Grow as you will you splendid weeds.

I’ll win the battle and do it with glee.



~ by mosswood on June 7, 2012.

5 Responses to “Strident Weeds”

  1. What an excellent message. Now that’s the moss wood I thought I knew. Your poetic talent in bloom after strident weeding. FS

  2. Moss, Your poem is lovely. Beth

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