That Toaster

That first toaster was one of the culinary stars that twinkled in our new love nest on Apple Street.. That Toastmaster Toaster was rounded at the top and almost the shape….no!  the  very shape of the sliced bread.  I loved the sound of it when the bread was plunged into its cradle of heated wires  where the bread reposed until the exact moment of its jettison to the top in its transformed state.  I loved its easy delivery of a comfortable edible.  That toaster turned the fresh bread into  golden brown salivary trays on which the clear wine-grape jelly rested.

Oh my– was that toaster loaded with promise.  It promised to start our day with familiar nourishment and comfort .  It promised no complications.  It kept its promise.  That simple little shinning device did its job without fail as the coffee finished its flop, flop over the coffee grounds and permeated  the little kitchen with that unmistakable aroma.  Toaster competed with coffee pot to capture our olfactory attention.  I suspect olfactory drives much of our day.

I loved that toaster.  I loved the look of it.  I loved it because it was truly ours.  I had no idea 60 years ago that I loved that toaster.

mosswood 2012


~ by mosswood on May 10, 2012.

6 Responses to “That Toaster”

  1. Sliced bread or creamy peanut butter have nothing on the toaster.

  2. honey on of my favorite snacks. nana i love you stories. They are so beautifully written and articulate a feeling of home and warmth. i really want to say thank you and i love it when i see one in my inbox.

  3. Did it look like any of these?

  4. Probably the earlier model

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