Beyond the Bell

Some years ago in Pittsburgh, I was sitting in a massive 100 year old church when the Angelus called from the Bell Tower.  The church was all but empty so that the ancient bell easliy captured my consiousness. I slowly realized that there was more to the bell and more to the listener.  Part of that person was hearing the other part of the tolling of the bell.

The other part of the bell toll was a quiet groan (or whisper if you dislike the passion of the word groan) of the cables slowly but rhythmically tugging the bell into a more sustained toll.  The toll was so beautiful that I almost missed the strength and  beauty of the beyond sound. 

Brother, Bill, an avid Barber Shoppe Quarteter, explained to me the following;  If four singers on perfect pitch strike a note perfectly and together the magic of the fith overtone is created.  Yes, you can hear a fifth note if you listen carefully.  Of course one has to be in a live audience, listening to a live quartet to hear this. Yet, another example of the shadow dynamic.

Then there is, We.  We, who have a conscious mind which houses brain impulses (we solve problems) It   houses personaltiy both public and private. Then there is that control freak, Ego.  My personal theory is that Ego is there, therefore, it is a reality.  However, that rascal Ego cannot wait to go off on its own creaing havoc for self and others.  Ego likes to take over, often making us believe the unbelievable and somtimes plunging us into regretable behaviors.   But its worst fault is that it casts a shadow between ourselves and our more poised and non-demanding deep self.

Which brings us back to that ” beyond” part of “we” which is such an intimate part of us.  We pal around with our conscious selves most often out of necessity and press of the moment.  Yes, many ignore our larger and quiet part. The quiet part has all the goodies.

 Hey now! Let’s not get into the many and varied definitions of what lies beyond our conscious state.   Can we for the sake of discussion simply  acknowledge that it exists.  Let’s just call it  our deeper consciousness.  For this writer, it is that beautiful quiet groan (whisper for the faint of heart) that is not easy to hear because it never shouts.

The great part is that we do not have to go to a church to hear the bell that is the overtone of the undertone.  We do not have to go to a concert to hear the fifth overtone.  We simply have to will to be quiet for a moment from time to time to turn to that poised part of self that never intrudes without an invitation but is always faithfully waiting. For those of a Spiritual bent, I say no more.

…and by the way,  if I hear any groaning while you read this piece, I am going straight to my ego and have a good hissy-fit.

…and another thing– where is the spell check on this wordpress thing?  So until I find it, I do beg your pardon for any or many spelling errors which might me the smaller or errors

Ta Ta.


~ by mosswood on April 3, 2012.

3 Responses to “Beyond the Bell”

  1. Nana, I love this. I can hear your voice reading it to me. Wouldn’t it be great if you read it aloud, recorded it, and had a link to your voice while people read it? I think so 🙂 Love you. Please write more.

  2. Nana, I love this. I can hear your voice reading it to me. Wouldn’t it be great if you could read it aloud, record it, and then post a link to the recording so everyone could hear your magical voice while they read it? I think so 🙂 Love you. Please write more.

    • Dear A, Your Nana has not entered very far into the tech age. Thank you, my dear, for your encouraging words. The intention was to have all the Nana posts be under the umbrella of-Epictrivia (trivia of epic proportions).

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