World Without Order

This Sunday,March 25, will occur the Memorial for a fabulous grandson who marked his twenty-first birthday a few days after his death. A mistake caused him to trip into Eternity perhaps much to his surprise and deep sorrow.  Eternity is something of a mystery to we humans, therefore, I will try not rile anyone’s sensabilities about this matter. Allow me my personal belief.  Nothing and no one ends.

G, is apart of us and always will be. As the sorrow moves along carrying  his mother, father, brothers and alll who loved himin this river of life–other things are happening that take ones breath away. There are two sons of mine who have met Cancer head-on.  One (S) covering last year or more and one (D) who is in the midst of that great crisis.

World without order, allows– even demands that we  take our consciousness and our emotions into other places where wedding bells are ringing and plans being maded in  celebration.  Grandchildren, yes, more than one going of to do Mission Work.  Other grandgirls studying nursing and (S) practicing law seep into minds eye.  Big, “A” showing her grit in managing support in Florida and then flying to the North to attend the memorial about which I spoke.  M&P driving forever to get there too.

There are not enough words to delineate all the wonder of, World Without Order, because there are too many happenings and too many heroes- but so it is.


~ by mosswood on March 23, 2012.

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