The Alchemy of the Moment

Join me in an ordinary place serving ordinary food. A casual glance across the room reveals a glittering star-burst of a moment.  There they were, a venerable old gent and the other a prepubescent lad who glows as he smiles and chats with his ancient grandparent.  The soft light flowing through the large window glass  captures the beautifully chiseled faces locked in a conversation of mutual and exclusive interest.  It is a captivating, charming exchange process where the vigor and energy of the young, trade with the loving protective wisdom of the handsome ancient.  The relay of life is apparent in the alchemy of the moment.


~ by mosswood on March 4, 2012.

2 Responses to “The Alchemy of the Moment”

  1. Reading this, the ordinary place sounds inviting. They must have been familiar to know that one was the grandparent of the other. Regardless, nice imaging a dialogue between two (almost) extremes of the age spectrum where both seemed interested and interesting.

  2. Beautiful! I envisioned the scene as I read.

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