Kipling wrote in his poem, “IF “ that each 60 seconds might be used completely and well, all the while keeping aware of how we are using time.  Carl Sandburg warns us , “Time is [one’s] only coinage”.  “Be careful lest others spend it for you”.

Makes one think about the clock and calendar since they also seem to insist on a noble contest.  The clock nestles within the womb of the calendar and neither gives an inch nor a nano-second.  Really, it is not so much that these two nemeses will not allow us quiet moments and energizing days but rather rations dates and ticktock. We should relax.  We should have fun.  But a price is paid if we slide rather than decide how our precious moments and days will be spent.  The price for neglect of the rules of clock and calendar may be anxiety, confusion, or even ennui. The good news is, accepting them as our welcome guides will enrich our lives.

The truth is we are not always in sync with the generosity of our formidable guides, clock and calendar.  When we take possession of their priceless gifts it is then that we know that calendar is the pool of time and clock is the metronome.  Then perhaps in a second or an  hour or tomorrow, we will limit mundane distractions so that we might inch along our splendid personal evolution.

I heard myself.  Hope I listen.


~ by mosswood on February 22, 2012.

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