Getting started.

Can’t say it was easy but here we are-you and me-on this Blog together.

There is a chair waiting for me at a local book-store that needs to be filled by this writer in less than one half hour.  The person in the opposite chair has a Steinway Grand that was made in 1848 or some such early date.  We read similar books and often trade DVD’s and precious books.

After this Baptism of Fire (my signing up to WordPress Saga) I will trip off to that empty chair and share my distress  and delight for the opportunity to blog on, WordPress.  Dog-gone-it! I am 80 years old as  of this year and proud of myself in setting this –for me–high-tech system into place.



~ by mosswood on February 21, 2012.

3 Responses to “Getting started.”

  1. Hey, Hi, I think I recognize myself! 1883 is the date.

  2. Moss, Congratulations, you did it. This is wonderful! I am in awe of your technical ability.

  3. You are so kind. Really, very encouraging.

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